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I personally don't want to tell people how many they can have, but realistically a limit is going to have to be placed sometime and it's most likely going to be 1 child per couple until we solve many other issues.

Space and food aren't the only issues. More people means we need to produce more energy, and even a country with Americas low population growth these extra energy demands will be more disastrous than they are now.

Unless we have a plague, a war with considerable losses, or a much welcomed increase in homosexuality, overpopulation will exacerbate our economic and enviromental issues to the extreme.

I wouldn't set an exact limit, perhaps, but I would see to it that people were educated on the impact of having many children, and hope they make the selfless, responsible decision on their own. Free, accessible birth control would help tons but that is just another progressive thing being pushed aside by morons.
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