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Firered Mono-water update #6 and #7
-Trained in the Saffron Dojo
-Went to Silph Co.
-Beat Team Rocket
-Got my new team member Tessie the Lapras
-Trained Tessie with all of the trainers on the water routes.
Vs. Sabrina difficulty 1.5/5 Good thing bite wasn't a normal move this generation or I would have been screwed. Half of my team knew bite so it was a cakewalk
-Got the Marsh badge
-Flew to Pallet town and surfed to Cinnabar
-Went to the Pokemon Mansion in Cinnabar.
-Got the key from the confusing puzzle.
-Got TMs Solar Beam and Blizzard
-Taught Blizzard to Hannah the Vaporeon
-Went to Cinnabar gym
Vs. Blaine difficulty: 0/5
Blaine's gym must be filled with water from how many times I surfed.
Hannah the Vaporeon (F) Blizzard, Ice Beam, Surf, Bite
Aqui the Blastoise (F) Surf, Dig, Bite, Strength
Paul the Poliwrath (M) Surf Brick Break, Body Slam, Focus Punch
Gyara the Gyarados (F) Surf, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Bite
Tessie the Lapras (F) Surf, Body Slam, Perish Song, Ice Beam

Quote originally posted by NecrumWarrior:
Suicune is not allowed, sorry, no Legendary Pokemon. Please remove it from your challenge.

You don't really have to worry about that yet. If you finish your challenge before then you will be on the 5th gen Champions list, and will be free to upgrade it to 6th gen if you wish. After 6th gen is released you will have to complete it in order to qualify for Ultimate champion.

Sorry I misread it I thought it said You may trade in a legendary.


Kanto 8/8, Johto 11/16, Hoenn 0/8, Sinnoh 0/8, Unova 0/8