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Bai Kong

“Pretty much, yeah,” agreed Bai to Zen’s first question, but then had to think about her multiverse theory question.

“We did read Tsubasa and xxxHolic,” stated Hei. “If that doesn’t convince you, what will?”

“It is a manga, Hei,” replied Hui dryly. “A very confusing one, but a manga.”

“Are you saying that you didn’t understand it?” asked Hei gleefully.

“The authors didn’t even understand it. I, for one, am perfectly comfortable at not using logic and saying that a wizard, specifically Clow Reed, Yuuko, Fei Wong Reed, and Tsubasa Li, did it.”

“That’s more than one wizard.”

“But the trope is singular.”

“I wouldn’t say that I believe it, but I wouldn’t say that I disbelieve it either,” stated Bai after thinking about the theory carefully. “I don’t have psychic powers like you, so I can’t really say that I feel another me in another universe, but I used to think legendary Pokémon were only myths and time travel was impossible, but, yet, on my journey, I’ve met several legendary Pokémon and I’ve time travelled. I guess that anything is possible, so I’m probably leaning on the believing side of the fence.”

“I bet five bucks that the next time Nightmare and Hei get together, we’re going to travel to another universe.”


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