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My thoughts..

I like the characters but not the game genre (fighting arena). I can't play Megaman in this kind of brawler (though he looks amazing in Super Smash U). I guess I'm too used to their roles. Dante is more awesome when he's slaying hordes of demons in my opinion! I'm happy they stuck with silver hair Dante though! Ryu fits in nicely for obvious reasons. Yuri Lowell actually fits pretty well since the Tales game is mostly a battle arena anyways. I think I see a .hack character in there, but I don't think he fits good in this. I don't know any of those other characters though..

I love Capcom and a lot of their characters, but not when the characters that are mashed together into this type of fighting game (oy I'm a hypocrite, since I love "Smash" games, but it's seems like so much more just an just a 2D arena brawler even though it IS!). I'd be more excited to see a new Megaman X/Legends game..or anything..but not another arena fighting game. >_< I've already recently seen him pop up in three different fighting games already.

(Okay yes, I realized it, I am a hypocrite and biased to Super Smash games because the stages are large and I know every one of the characters. ^ ^
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