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I already told you why we're not adding anymore types right now. :(

Quote originally posted by Alexial357:
Jet, I think we decided to hold off on adding anymore types until we got more information. The Fairy type has been announced, let's have fun with that before we go running to the next thing, okay? ... Besides, the other artists may have other ideas for types too! :3
Please stop suggesting new types. :( Why don't you draw some more fakemons? If an Ancient type seems cool to you, than draw an ancient Pokemon! Like I said before, we can still use your drawings, just call them [*insert type*] instead of whatever type you came up with. I don't want to sound dismissive.. but you're suggesting things that aren't feasible right now. Later on, when we have a better idea of what Game Freak is going to do, we can talk about other types. But adding something else on top of the Fairy type is just too much for us to do.
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