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Lots have said people should only have as many kids as they can support, which I agree with, and that we need to really encourage sexual education and contraception use, which I also agree with, but what do we do when someone has more kids than they can support? Let's sat you've got someone and, oops!, they suddenly find they're having another kid. Maybe they were careless, maybe they were careful but it still happened. Do we stay strict and say "No, you weren't supposed to have more than you could take care of. You get no help." or do we say "Well, it's not the kid's fault. We'll help, but don't let it happen again."

On a side note, I was reading around and learned that every new mother in Finland gets a maternity package with a bunch of things a newborn baby would need. For free, care of the government, as long as you get checked out by doctors. It helps to keep women healthy by ensuring they've got extra incentive to see the doctor. I know this kind of thing would seem to encourage more people to have kids, but if there was some kind of reverse program, one that tied contraception education to something else people wanted, like, I dunno, a small tax break or something, do you think that would be a good idea?

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