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@ Nickle, oh pish posh! Need I say I chose MetalSeadramon? xD
It's like, a very evil and huge and metallic guy, so why not have AncientMermaimon? xD

Or MarineAngemon? Although it's kind of game breaking to make otherS lose their will to fight... so... yeah o3o

And AncientMermaimon's attacks require water in enough amounts for whirlpools, although not so much for the crystal bullets... So it's more balanced, I think.

And if it wasn't enough Game-Breaking, MarineAngemon seems to be able to digievolve into NEO, who apparently can crush its victims into 1s and Os... and he can also destroy the universe... Yeah...

MarineAngemon also seems to evolve into AncientMermaimon, so you could ask Fuyu to have MarineAngemon and then Ancient Mermaimon if you want.

But we should wait and see what she think about this...
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