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Oh wow, I need to stop having random times away from my computer. *glues self to bed*

All right, lessee...

I agree with Colony on what he said, AncientMermainmon (or any of the Ancient Ten, to me at least) would be OP because they're Ancient Warriors that will WRECK YOU.

MarineAngemon could be considered OP, but we have to consider the whole "In battle, everything is chaos" possibility which would mean that the attack wouldn't always hit or the opponent could have enough willpower to avoid its effects, which would make it next to useless. Also, considering the looks of things, most of the Digimon will be directly combat-oriented at the Ultimate level. It could be a good balance to have a MarinAngemon.

Now... NEO is technically not a Digimon and that evolution is only possible because of a data absorption created by the gathering of eight DigiMemories. I know, really complicated. It came from Digimon NEXT, a very good manga and relatively short. So this whole issue won't be a problem as we aren't bringing the Digimemories from this (or the ones from Xros Wars) into the RP. So that wouldn't be an issue.

But if you really want to be careful, I would merrily allow the use of Ophanimon, if you're uncertain.
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