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Originally Posted by Captain Fabio View Post
The number should equal the amount you can support and only that. I hate, hate, hate that the government give child support to people who clearly have no interest in spending on the kids. I just don't like the child support system in the first place, because the reality is, if you can't support a child then, well, you should have really thought about it better; you made your bed, so you lie in it, is my pretty blunt attitude to it.
And the people that had the money/ability to support their child when they had them, but eventually lost their source of income? There's so many things to consider in such a matter . . . I agree that people who had to be on it from the get-go because they're idiots that just keep having children shouldn't get such benefits, but of the regular, everyday people that can't make ends meet after a while? There are exceptions to every rule . . . and in cases such as these, you just can't look at it with one general glance. And I take this personally, to be honest.

As for the actual topic of this thread, I think people should be able to have as many children as they can handle and support in every aspect. Although, more than half a dozen is certainly pushing it.

On the other hand, I do think there needs to be less people on this planet, but that's a whole other topic. . . . Lol


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