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XD Nickle, you stopped? My Digimon obsession never died, it just hibernated.

Yeah, don't worry Elite, I'm one of the biggest Digimon nerds you will ever meet so, it's cool.

Wait... Elite, do you mean the RP sample? Don't worry guys, that's not the first post. I should go write mine now. XD *whooshes away*

EDIT: Well, Colony, you could just stick to Dynasmon normal. But at any rate, I would say you could skip to Omegamon (Omnimon X) but in return it would need the limitations you set and I think the backlash from it would also have to be higher. Like how in the original 01, typically they shrank to their baby 2 (In-Training) forms after their first few evolutions to Perfect (Ultimate). Instead, the Digimon would be at Baby 1 for a certain number of posts or the rest of the episode. Then it could slowly evolve back to its base level. Sound fair?
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