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Can I just clarify that Spiderman , Wolverine? XMen, FF, or anything involving them will never see the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ever ever ever. Some CEO of Sony said they'll never ever x5 give up Spiderman Unless Disney/Marvel have a very very deep pocket.

Back to the topic.

Phase 2 - Im really fond on what S.W and Q.S will bring to the table in Avengers 2. Thats if there is an Avengers 2. Because actors/actress are asking raises involving money and such. And Whedon literally stated that he wont do Avengers 2 if RDJ isnt playing Ironman.

Other then that, plausible Falcon, War Machine, Winter Soldier, joining the Avengers.

As long the original and founding Avengers members are on the same screen, Ill be happy. (Iron, Thor, Hulk, Wasp, Antman) Then second wave of Avengers to join like Black Panther, Vision, (Q.S, S.W) Then maybe third wave Ms Marvel, (Falcon). Then after that, idk.

With GotG coming out and MCU Lore expending. Throw in other planets, systems, Nova Core. Its really awesome!
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