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Since there was only one Pokémon Center close enough for convenience, he had his Pokémon healed, and was out of the building very swiftly. He didn't trust the crowds that came in and out of there. People were idiotic and stupid in large groups.

He ran his fingers along the head of his cane, which was shaped in the form of a steel dragon's head, that had been fashioned for him before he had left. He needed at least some rudimentary form of defense against those who would not honor the ways of battling with Pokémon to decide the outcome of things.

He already had used it twice since he'd gotten that cane, but he practiced enough with the thing back home to where at least it was more than just a prop. The dragon's head had sapphire eyes that seemed to burn in their own light, and they were set while the steel was still red-hot. It was always light with most of its weight centered within the steel at the top.

He had no idea who that blue cane had belonged to, but he ended up getting it anyway from the village elders to walk around with. However, he did hear rumors here and there that he was given an object blessed by the gods to offset the curse that he had on him, or whatever those superstitious people said. It just so happened that a cane fit that description, and he was told to use it.

So, he did. It didn't really matter about the stories behind the thing. It seemed to fit him perfectly though, and always seemed to be light enough to use, and strong enough to defend himself with. That was all that mattered.

He got his Pokémon back, and quickly got out, with the intentions of heading to one of the classrooms. After all, it always benefitted to know what one was doing when he got there.
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