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Zen the Gardevoir

Path to Oak Town

2-4: Paths Crossed

"I see... So you couldn't possibly have any knowledge that might help me in my quest... Nonetheless, most Humans would consider themselves blessed to see such a wide variety of legendary beings. Unless you were searching for them, I'd count yourself very lucky. They don't appear to those who aren't good-willed and kind of heart... Most of them, anyways." She continued along the path at a gentle hover. "We're almost near Oak Town. The Smoothie place is right in the heart of town, but it's not too popular of a stop, and is fairly quiet--"

She took notice of Bai as she was toying with string and a feather. Bai then offered it to her, though she shook her head to decline. "Cresselia would be of no help to me, but I appreciate the offer... You shouldn't just hand it off to someone, that is a decently valuable item." She noticed that they were now in the town, and the bustle of townspeople was distracting. She decided to reply to the earlier statements about Cynthia though. "She doesn't want my presence, and I don't want hers; that's all there is to it. As for injuring students... I've yet to do something so severe. Hopefully I'm never given a reason to either. Despite what others think I'm not just attacking students, I'm defending myself. I refuse to be captured. One of them, ugh," she shuddered at the very thought, "I read the guy's thoughts... He definitely didn't want to capture me for battling purposes or anything long those lines. Sickening." She shook her head with yet another shudder. "Needless to say, I ensured that his ability to reproduce was halted, if not dissipated. That is the worst I've done thus far, and I'd say it was well-deserved."

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