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I don't know why people are complaining about the graphics. I also don't understand this need to compare one game's graphics to another. You have different development teams with different artists working on those games. The vision one team has is going to differ from another. We also have to keep in mind that game developers are constantly playing a game of tug of war when it comes to game content. Sacrifices have to me made from some areas to implement needed or desired features.

So for a full RGP like Pokemon, some things like detail in the graphics have to be sacrificed to give you the breadth and scope that the game provides. The developers could vastly improve the quality of graphics in the game, as some wish, but then you might have to sacrifice game elements that you might also want. We all need to learn the art of compromise.

For me, the single most important aspect of a game is the gameplay itself. I don't care if I can see the individual blades of grass moving in the wind, or if the characters are anti-aliased. In the end I want a fun game that is visually appealing, challenging and with a great storyline to it.

To the nitpickers out there I say give it a rest. If the graphics are so important to you, then play only the games whose graphics meets your approval.
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