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Originally Posted by Genshi View Post
Will people atack me if I say the shiny ratio is too high? Because I found 2 in less than an hour XD Nidoran Male and Female....
I personally like the new shiny pokemon ratio. Or specifically, the definitions on what DV values the pokemon requires to be shiny.

I did three test runs on the hack - first time I found 2, second time 1 and third time ~5 shinies. I didn't "bush grind" much though but you shouldn't have to do that either, battle room is there for grinding purposes whenever grinding is needed.

You got lucky if you were able to find two shinies that easily though. But how it is that the chance of encountering a shiny pokemon is 6*5^3 / 65536 = 1,14%. So if you ran into less than 175 pokemon by the time you found two shinies, you had more luck than an average player.

Originally Posted by Genshi View Post
And by the way, is there a way for you to get the guy that does haircuts in the capital? I want to eveolve eevee into espeon fast, but in the beta 3.1 i was by the 4th gym with eevee at lvl 36 and it still had not evolved
Right... this is one thing I forgot to mention about as well. And there are probably more things to come.

In original games, the required happiness rate for evolution is min. 219/255. In Dark Energy, it is 176/255 I think. The happiness rate should increase by 3 (or so) every time you get a level up so your Eevee should probably evolve (if treated in a similar way) at level 25 or so. In my third test run, it fainted a couple of times but still evolved in level 27.
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