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I got into it when KH2 was released and I've played every game but the original one/its FM. Thought about hunting down a copy but then I had some trouble with a preorder at Gamestop and ended up moving that money to 1.5 so I'll just save that experience for then.

But yeah, Kingdom Hearts. Good series. Good concept. Strange plot that gets muddled from time to time, but the gameplay is (generally) pretty solid. I love the boss battles the most. My favorite game is either Birth By Sleep or 2 FM, but my least favorite is definitely CoM because I absolutely hated the stupid battle system. Re:CoM was a bit better, but the basic idea of using cards to regulate your attacks was still there.

Favorite character? I'm not too big on any of the original characters since most of them get pretty tiring after a while, but oh boy do I love me some Hades. Least favorite is definitely Riku. There have certainly been better rival characters created.
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