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Originally Posted by Virgilin View Post
I loved your analysis of a trainer's felings when they lose their beloved Pokemon. There is nothing like Trainer angst out there I have got to say.
It kind of reminds us on how we may feel as trainers when we see our Pokemon get defeated. Trainers feel as if they have failed themselves in making protecting their Pokemon, not knowing when to withdraw. It isn't just a game like Ash or Gary make it seem to be.
I really like this. By chance, do you plan on making a sequel?
More than likely, I won't be able to make a direct sequel or a follow-up. Since the moment has already passed, the best I can do in following chapters would be expressing regret and the road to returning to being a trainer or quitting it altogether. Though it would be decent enough, it probably won't have the same impact as this particular prompt here.

However, I could work on a series of prompts that examines the lesser road of Pokemon fatalities. As I said previously, there are so many different situations in which a battle can become fatal outside of Gym battles. Not to mention, there are organizations like Team Rocket who can kidnap Pokemon successfully (outside of Jesse and James, it was made to seem like they often do). So, while I probably can't expand on this particular story the way that anyone wants, I could bring together a collection of stories that are particularly hard-hitting.
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