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Aurora nodded as she listened to Daniel and glanced up at the sky. "I did what I had to captain might be mad for a bit but he's not to happy about his orders though he'll carry them out anyway." she sighed softly. "the only thing I'm not happy about is if we get into trouble with the rest of the Guardian Corps....well I might have to fight people I know." she glanced at Ezra then back at the sky.

"I know I'm only a year older than him, but I feel bad that the kid is part of this...he looks like the only one of us not to have fighting experience." she added looking away from the sky to observe there surroundings. Spotting a few blurred shapes up ahead Aurora narrowed her eyes. What is that she thought. "I'm running ahead a bit. There's something up the path but I can't see it clearly." she said to the others before taking off at a sprint to get closer to whatever it was she was seeing. Stopping as soon as she could clearly see what was ahead of them though she was close she wasn't to close. Well, looks like the big guy was right. There are Ghast's here she thought drawing her katana. "It's Ghast's!" she yelled behind her not looking away from the seven Ghast which turned their attention to her when she yelled. Bring it on

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