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Originally Posted by PokeBunny View Post
This is very great but... look, I don't hear these: (trust me, I know what I hear)
-Choir oohs
-Fretless base
-Charang (yeah, I know what it is)
-Chiff (only is RSE)
-Calliope (only in Pokemon BW)
-Electric grand
-Acoustic guitar nylon
-Distortion guitar
-Guitar fret noise
-Lead 5ths
-Pan flute

Also, one of the synth bases is not a synth base (the one in Little Root Town;Pokemon Center in FireRed)
Some instruments are never used. A fellow hacker and I discovered that DPPt has every single Gen III soundtrack. This means that the Littleroot Town music is in there, too. I don't think that I've ever heard it, though.
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