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Ok, I've just started my new project seriously, so I'll be glad, if you could comment on it!
First of all, here's my recently created channel, so you can check on it anytime soon, as I'm still working on some pieces.

Poke Composer, as I've named my project(yeah, original as hell) is my attempt, to rearrange cool pokemon themes with higher quality or even live instruments. Note, that this is going to be game-based, as I'm not anime fan.

As a young musician and multi-instrumentalist, who is trying to get on jazz university, I've decided to take on total arrangements of some great pokemon game pieces with a bit of jazz. Actually, it's hard to not make it jazzy, as many of those pieces are already in certain jazz-related styles(bossa novas, sambas, jazz waltz even blues and swing, all can be found there).

I also know, that some of my arrangements need a bit of rework, but hey, I'm still really working on it!

When it comes to my work methods, I mostly compose in GarageBand on iPhone 3GS, with connected my midi-capable piano to it. Sometimes you can also listen my live recorded bass guitar, at the moment, I don't have free access to acoustic upright bass :<
Note, that I'm trying to record every part of piece manually, on keyboard or with live instruments, sadly I'm not drums player, so usually I used some sample or write it on PC.

[] doesn't work for me...

I've got slow connection right now and I'm not seeing youtube windows, so I add links just to be sure:

Pokemon R/S/E Rustboro City

Pokemon D/Pt Route 216

Pokemon B/W Accumula Town(updated v2 version!)

Pokemon B/W Nacrene City(still early version)