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Thanks for the suggestions guys,
The map dimension didn't change; there was no updating involved. He saved in a building on the 8th release of my game at the end of a play session, and loaded the 8th release of my game to play later and it was broken. Unless he acquired RMXP and was playing with the maps (which I think he would have told me), he doesn't have a way to change the map size.

The NPC thing sounds VERY possible. The entering a connection-less map was my first idea, but I'm afraid various combinations of saving there, resetting, exiting, etc, have done nothing to fix the connections.

One strange thing I probably should have made clear- the map on which his game became corrupted actually was not one with connections. It was after he re-downloaded (the same version) and was able to load successfully that he stepped outside and found connections were broken.
Which makes it even odder to me...
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