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The main thing I found interesting about the episode was Meowth's involvement. It can be hard to know what his true agenda is at times, but he came through with a really meaningful support for the Pidgey whose name escapes me at this moment. The idea of Pidgey who had evolved differently is not a new one to the series, but the way in which they were different was new indeed. It led to something not stereotypical of the show, and even features TRio helping out in the end, even though they originally wanted Pokemon. As soon as they realized the situation they decided that it didn't matter. So to anyone who thinks Team Rocket is a bunch of idiots, watch this episode!

Since once again no one is really suggesting anything, I left it up to the dice and wound up with "A Six Pack Attack". I know nothing about this episode except Prof Birch and Oak are both involved.
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