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Bill hasn't been legal since last August. I'm not sure why PokeGym hasn't fixed the search function on their Researching Tower that still pulls HGSS-era cards for their Modified page.

Rare Candy is your friend in a Stage 2 deck.

Also, in a deck with no "natural" (ie - Ability-based) energy acceleration, Ether and Pokedex in combination could work as a semi-functional energy acceleration, along with Skyla to pull the missing one you need from the combo when you're trying to energy accelerate.

I'd opt to partner it with Garbodor from Dark Explorers/Plasma Freeze (it's a secret rare in Plasma Freeze, while just a normal rare in Dark Explorers) as a means to attempt to stall and to wall-out Keldeo EXs from using Rush In when you're getting close to a KO.
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