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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
One thing I'd recommend you do is put additional spoilers to explain what each chunk of code does. I know a bit of VB.NET (I know more C# though...) but I didn't quite get all of it.

Also, I was thinking on making a tutorial for people to make C#-oriented programs, if I can get off my lazy butt and do it. Would you be fine with it, seeing as you're covering one of the other Microsoft-oriented languages?
I know C# and VB.NET exactly the same -- after all, they are exactly the same in structure, libraries, and effect. However, VB.NET is easier to deal with in that brackets are intimidating to some people.
This website is a great VB.NET to C# and vice-verso converter tool. #Dev also has a feature in which it can convert an entire project to and fro VB.NET and C#.

I'll add some more spoilers, sure.