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I'll be working on a Pokémon spin-off fanfiction after ExtremeSpeed Genesect is released. It will feature Mewtwo as the main protagonist. My story is about Mewtwo reuniting with his Cloned Pokémon only to find out that the clones have awakened as well. It's called "Mewtwo and the Awakened Clonemon." It's set after the events of ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening, so that it makes sense to everyone.

Clonemon (KLOAN-EH-MAHN) is a portmanteau of "Clone" and "Pokémon."

I'm going to share more details later in the future. So please stay tuned...

Alright, here are some bios for some of my characters:


Mewtwo was once a brutal-hearted clone of Mew associated with Team Rocket. But then became compassionate towards humans and Pokémon. Mewtwo would later become the leader of the Clonemon in this fanfiction.

DENDROSAUR (Portmanteau of the Latin prefix "Dendron" and Venusaur.)

Dendrosaur was a clone of Corey's Venusaur in Mewtwo Strikes Back. He went on to live in the wilderness along with the rest of the clones. Eventually, after a battle with a rival Venusaur, Dendrosaur finally awakened and was able to transform into his own Awakened Forme, a fern-winged dragon with wooden horns.

CHARZILLA (Portmanteau of Charizard and Godzilla.)

Charzilla was a clone of Ash Ketchum's Charizard. He moved to Charicific Valley after the events of Mewtwo Returns. Gradually, after completing his training, Charzilla would later awaken and transform into his Awakened Forme, a bipedal reptile-like beast with flames on his back and retractable blade on his arms. (Similar to Baraka from Mortal Kombat)

BLASTACEAN (Portmanteau of Blastoise and crustacean.)

Blastacean was a clone of Neesha's Blastoise. He had gone to the ocean to live there. Finally, after defeating an evil sea monster, Blastacean gradually awakened and gained the ability to morph into his Awakened Forme, a crab-like creature with cannons on the top of his claws.

Remember, I will not start on my fanfiction until I watch the English dub of Extremespeed Genesect on Cartoon Network.

It's like a cross between Justice League, Transformers, and Godzilla in the Pokémon universe! What do you think of my idea?
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