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First thing I did was build a bench right on the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean! I was a little annoyed that I couldn't rotate it because there was a great spot where it would have fit vertically but looked weird horizontally. I started/paid off the campsite today, so it'll be up tomorrow, then I'll probably get a bridge because having one bridge is a bit of a pain x.x;

You got the Garden Center cause you watered flowers or pulled weeds or planted trees/flowers at least 30 times. So it's probably related, but not directly related. :P I just got peaches today, so now I'm up to...what, 5 fruits? I'm trying to get the museum shop open too, but I just have to be patient and wait till Redd is in town to buy a painting because I have the fish over half filled and bugs are lots filled and fossils are lots filled but i have no paintings. :(

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