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Username: MattThePatrat
Game: White
Optional Rules: I must nickname every Pokemon.
I can only buy 4 items per town (includes Pokeballs).
I must draw a comic for each update.
I will allow myself to continue only if I have Pokemon in the PC.

This looks like a lot of fun! First update is coming soon.

EDIT: First Update!
-The Randomized starters were Swinub, Magmar, and Clefable. I went with Magmar because he is a boss.
-Beat both Rivals. Bianca chose Clefable and Cheren had Swinub.
-Nicknamed Magmar "Worf" after one of my favorite Star Trek characters.
-First Pokemon I saw on Route 1 was a level 2 Wynaut. I caught it and nicknamed "NearUseles" (the last s in useless wouldn't fit).
-Received a potion from the girl on Route 1.
-Went to the Pokemon Center in Accumula Town to heal up and buy 4 potions.
-Grinded Worf to level 8 and NearUseles to level 5.
-Defeated N.
-Healed at Pokemon Center.

Current Party
Worf (Level 8 Magmar)
NearUseles (Level 5 Wynaut)

No Casualties Yet.
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