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Maybe the end of the effect should've been "Take advantage of your opponent's confusion to get free ice cream!" lol

I do agree with the goatee/chin thing. It's not like I really took time on the drawing. For my spoofs, I tend to rush through them really quick. The line drawing for this one probably only took about 7-12 seconds. However, I did want to give it a cleaner look, so I took my time with tracing and coloring it, but I stayed true to the original sketch.

I have a feeling that I'll be posting more spoof cards before any more of my e-cards. It really depends on what I manage to draw.

UPDATE: I told you another spoof was coming.

I didn't give this one crazy effects like the last one. These are fairly realistic. The card as a whole is mostly useless, though, which is the point.

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