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Ooh cool! Glad points are updated! Sounds like fun and a great way to work towards a goal!

Username: Kura
Overall Fitness Goal: I want to tone and I want better posture. I work at a desk job and even when I'm home, I find myself on the computer, so I want to do exercises to improve my posture and the balance of my body. I also cosplay, but I've never done anything too revealing- for October, I want to be able to cosplay this character with confidence:
No one ever sees my belly in public. I don't even own a bikini. I'm too self conscious and I want to change that. I want to finally feel good about myself.
Summer Fitness Goal: This is the thing.. I.. don't think I can put a specific "goal" in place because I'm not sure if you can really measure tone easily. I know a scale that can rate your body fat % is one thing.. but I don't have one, so I don't know how I'd do this.

Favorite Physical Activity: Does.. Dance Dance Revolution count? Well.. if not then recreational swimming probably. I don't like being competitive.

Hmm.. there should be an about you section if people are willing to write it.

Well, I'm 4'10" (no I wont be getting any taller) and about 95lbs which puts me at about.. 19.5 on the BMI scale (even though we know BMI isn't too accurate with anything.. since it doesn't measure body fat %.. but shows I am healthy.) The heaviest I've ever been I think was.. 130 perhaps. Maybe 135.. but on someone so short it is actually a lot of weight and I think my BMI was something like 24-25 at the time.) I lost a quite a bit of weight (15 lbs) when I cut soda out of my diet about 6 or so years ago.. so I have stretchmark from then. Then I had slowly fluctuated my weight depending on if it was exam time and etc, but it always stayed around 105-110. I moved countries and it went to 103-105 on average because I did more walking. Then I joined the gym and I do mostly weights. Now, I think I eat well, but perhaps not as well as I should for the body I want. What I had today/ what I have usually:

I drink mostly water. Maybe I'll have a coffee every other day usually, though lately I have only had small cups in the last 3 weeks. I rarely drink alcohol.. maybe a beer every 3 weeks. I have been drinking a glass of skim milk every day recently though because stress had triggered some gastritis (inflamed stomach lining from acid.. think heartburn but just in your stomach) but I am taking some prescription medicine for it and it will go away fully in about a month.
Anyways, I digress. I usually have a small bowl of dry cereal (fruit and fibre, with a small bit of museli/granola mixed in.. which has raisins and dried coconut) And I cut up a small banana and I eat it dry.
Then I will snack on nuts or a square of dark chocolate (or both)..
For lunch it varies. Today I had some chicken and tomato soup. Sometimes I'll have something like an egg sandwich. Yesterday I had a salad with cut up boiled potato, tomato, and egg.
For dinner it also varies, but I got some pita bread recently so I have been making myself a chicken wrap (chicken, lettuce, sour cream, salsa, tomato, a sprinkle of parmesean cheese.)
For snack after I had 4 strawberries, 2 carrots (med-large sized), a yogurt covered brazil nut and one digestive biscuit. I also had 5 foamy-marshmellow cars.. though I rarely ever have candy (they are the size of mini-marshmellows btw.)
I feel like I have too much sugar and carbs in my diet.. it could be better. I love fruit though! And chocolate! I have to have my daily fix of either one of those at least or my cravings seem to build up.
Dunno what else I could have for breakfast that has protein as I usually eat breakfast early at work. I don't like microwaved eggs.. otherwise it would've been a decent option. Dunno what else I could have except maybe hummus with something? Not very breakfasty though! I rather have that as a snack haha. Sorry I am rambling now. I take in on average.. 1000-1200 calories on days I am just sitting. And about 1400 calories on the day, and the day after, that I've had a workout. What do you think?

Haha, if I could I would have veal sandwiches and stonebaked pizzas and chocolate bars and onion rings and bacon club sandwiches like every day *_*.. but unfortunately my metabolism is fairly slow..

As for workout. I last I went was Saturday. I did 6 mins of rower (level 10/20) side lunges, back extension, skull crusher (the tricep one on a yoga ball) uh.. I don't remember what it's called but I did one that works the middle-upper back (you pull down).. then squat presses, and I also pumped up the leg press to 50 kilos and did 3 reps of 10. I also did pilates for an hour that day and we focused on a ab stuff.

I dislike my upper arms, upper thighs, and I have quite wide hips for someone as short as me so I put on weight around my thighs/ belly/ lovehandles. I want that all to be firm for once.

I think that's about it for now.

ALSO BahIsuck, do you do foil? epee? sabre? I did fencing for a summer and it was quite fun, but too expensive to keep going with it, sadly!
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