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Rama hopped from the counter, padding out the door with a huff. Skye shook his head and waved at the receptionist, exiting the Pokemon Center after his irritable partner. Poor,prideful fox.

Skye sighed. He probably had class soon. "Rah-hama come bah-hack." THe Pokemon yipped his answer that was not appropriate for Skye's ears. He sighed again.




He had spied on a teacher. Eep.

Ciel stumbled backward, even as Kinko gleefully escaped. Seeing something exciting ( because catching things was always exciting), she ran towards Zayne, barking her cheerful greetings so loudly they might hurt ears. The boy flushed and scrambled to get her.

"Kinko, stop! No bothering the teacher!" He wrapped his arms around her again. "We'll train after class, I promise. We'll go find a Skarmory. You like those." Kinko growled in agreement. She did like fighting those things. Ciel sighed in relief. "Good girl. Heh... Hi, sir," Ciel finally greeted the teacher. He recognized him from a distance but little more. He hadn't had his class yet. "I'm sorry, we um, must have distracted you... That was..."

Words failed him and he ducked his head, face turning cherry-red. Oh, this was bad. Why was he so bad at people? He knew a bunch of people. Why couldn't he do this?

Kinko stopped squirming and licked his nose, confused.
"All I want is to be friends."

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