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Hi Desbrina, i'm new.
Good Job!
Just tried the game and I really loved it!

I made a list of the odd things that happened during the game.

in order:

- between Mt. Moon and Cerulean City there is a trainer with 31 lv paras (I've already read your answer about Bulbapedia, but I still find it strange)
- MN05 Flash can be obtained from Oak's aid in the Pokecenter, instead of near Pewter City
- in the Rock Tunnel there is a problem with the stairs (fixed in 0.19)
- there is a problem with Escape Rope (I used it in the Rock Tunnel and I finished "on the mountains")
- in Celadon it's possible to arrive to the Gym without using Cut (you can walk on the fence next to the Gym along the water)
- the Snorlax between Route 11 and Route 12 doesn't stop you from passing trough and arrive to Lavender Town (fortunately! this bug helped me to go to Lavender bypassing Rock Tunnel)
- in Celadon, the Rocket guy is supposed to drop the Lift Key but I can't find it anywhere...

Now, without the Lift Key I am unable to continue...
Does anyone know where can I find it?

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