Thread: HG/SS: BOOM! Voltorb Flip!
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Voltorb Flip was fun yet painful to play. Reasons? It's math(s). I played it a lot - when I first got to Goldenrod I played until I had enough coins for a Dratini (2,100 Coins); then after I got my 8 Badges I spend more time getting 10,000 coins for Ice Beam for my Nidoking. I dreaded the idea that most times it's chance/luck that gives you your coins in the end (although I guess that's the point of a gambling game, after all), especially in the later levels. And when I'm on Level 5+ and I instantly flip over a Voltorb, I just lose it. But all in all, VF is an okay mini-game, which requires thinking to get the most out of it.

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