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Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
Yeah unless they want to really change things up and give Pansy the role of "group mother" to Satoshi and someone else then she most likely will not be travelling with him for more than an episode or two. She may still be the catalyst for Satoshi's interest in Kalos, though.
This is what I was thinking. She will act at the plot device like Gary did with Sinnoh, like Harrison did with Hoenn, and like the GS Ball did for Johto. Ash will see the pokemon and go "Oh I have never seen these pokemon and their info doesn't appear on my dex hmmm" Then Alexa will say yeah "There is a region called the Kalos region, and in fact my sister Viola is a gym leader there." This will spur Ash on to leave for Kalos simple as that. I don't see her a a group mother either. I see Ash being like he was in Hoenn and Sinnoh were he is the Vet trainer.
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