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Hey guys! An UPDATE has been posted! Now you can battle in Pokemon battles! If people could help me test this game it would be fantastic since the blind testers can't read the error dialogues that pop up. Make SURE you install SAPI 4 and a compatible voice before playing or else you'll get an error!

Here's the download link:

Tech Release 3
This release now has Pokemon battles! Wild battles occur when you walk enough on rustling
tiles. You can run into the Route 1 Pokemon! You can even catch them and have
them added to your Pokedex! Inventory works to a satisfactory extent. Going to add more
later. A few moves have been programmed, too. EV's given out appropriately, and you
can level up your Pokemon... even learn new moves (except they haven't been programmed
yet... LOL)

A few notes guys... this is a game for BLIND PEOPLE, so there's not going to be any graphics, so make sure that you have your speakers working! If you have any problems with any sounds give me a holler so I can figure stuff out. It might be your system though, but Text-to-Speech should work 100%. It might take a little getting used to but it's honestly not that hard. Also, the overworld is still pretty bare (besides tall grass) so you can't do much there yet.
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