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Normal - Porygon

Fire - Flareon

Water - Cloyster

Electric - Jolteon

Grass - Leafeon

Bug - Scizor

Rock - Tyranitar

Ground - Gligar

Ice - Articuno

Flying - Pidgeot

Poison - Muk

Fighting - Hitmonchan

Psychic - Espeon

Ghost - Dusknoir

Dark - Umbreon

Steel - Steelix

Dragon - Dragonite

Fairy - Sylveon
I have made Facebook pages of all 721 existing Pokémon plus Mega evolutions. If you want to join them, search for them in this format: [Pokémon's name], Pokémon # [Pokédex number], or for Mega evolutions, just type in Mega [Pokémon's name]