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I like the Unova starter Pokemon and the Johto starters especially Cyndaquil's final evolution form its got a cool cry and looks powerful. Tepig's final evolution form reminds me of a boss from a video game (Sonic games) When I first played Red and Blue I picked Bulbasaur (I think it was a Charmander but can't remember as this was back in 2000) When I downloaded Pokemon Platinum rom for my DesmuME emulator I chose Turtwig but I'm not a fan of Grass type starters I could've chosen Chimchar or Piplip or Piplup however its name is spelt lol. When X and Y comes out I'm gonna download the Nintendo 3DS emulator for my Mac and pick Froakie as my starter/beginner Pokemon (because when I looked at the new Pokemon X and Y news its been rumoured Froakie will be a Water/Fighting type at its final evolution form)
Favourite Pokemon: Mawile
Favourite starter Pokemon: Squirtle (Gen1) Cyndaquil (Gen2) Torchic/Mudkip (Gen3) Turtwig (Gen4) Tepig/Oshawott (Gen5)
Pokemon Champion of Sinnoh and Unova
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