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I know people are disappointed by this but honestly this is exactly what I wanted from 3D Mario, if not Mario 64 #2.

I don't care about the scope (even though Galaxy was magical), but if the level design and controls are great then sign me up. Galaxy's gravity mechanics got awkward and the controls were far from perfect, particularly in the 2D sections which were pretty awful. The level design was great but it can be surpassed. Mario 3D Land fixes the controls, though still not as good as Sunshine, and has better level designs to boot, and this looks like it further improves on it. (And it's 60fps!)

But the real meat is the multiplayer. Holy crap I'm gonna have so much playing it with others. It's basically the 3D version of the best Mario game (NSMBU), so I'm hyped as hell. This is gonna be one hell of a Christmas for me, with this game and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Platforming GOODNESS.

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