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My Team:

Fire Red: (Pre-Elite 4)

Venasaur (Rainer) (Lv. 80)
Omastar (Omny) (Lv. 79)
Dragonite (Draco) (Lv. 82)
Arcanine (Max) (Lv. 80)
Gengar (Affleca) (Lv. 80)
Raichu (Mika) (Lv. 80

Emerald: (Post-Pokemon League)

Sceptile (Roark) (Lv. 80)
Cradilly (Boomba) (Lv. 80)
Metagross (Hipster) (Lv. 82)
Salamence (Dragoon) (Lv. 83)
Herracross (Punchey) (Lv. 80)

Note for Emerald: It was just a team of my favorites.
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