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Emolga <3 I love all of those cute electric types (Plusle, Minun, Pichu etc). Victini as well, it's adorable too!
Currently playing:
FireRed 7/8. My team: Charizard L46, Vaporeon L46, Dugtrio L46, Raichu L47, Dragonair L45 (Still training)
Crystal 3/16. My team: Quilava L29, Eevee L27 (Going to be Espeon), as well as an HM slave.
White 2 3/8. My team: Pignite L25, Drilbur L24, Lucario L24, Eevee L19 (Going to be Espeon), and Eevee L19 (Going to be Umbreon).
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