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So I know like at least three gameboy advance sprite based pokemon MMO games already exist, but I was thinking of creating a new game that would be played in the browser and be multiplayer so no software has to be installed. Here is a non-multiplayer demo showing character movement I made yesterday.

(Took down server)

It seems that a lot of the pokemon fan games have been taken down recently so this would have a less obvious title like "AnimalPals Online" and use all fakemon and edited sprites.
This game would have movement not restricted to the grid and be devoid of pokemon trademarks like pokeballs and pokemon and instead players will tame wild animals in a parallel world where animals are monster-like and battle eachother.

The battle scene would not be turn based and instead be like final fantasy where moves can be used every few seconds regardless of whose turn it is.

What do you think of this? Would anyone play this or does it seem like the pokemon concept was altered too much to be fun/nostalgic/enjoyable to anyone?

Technical information:
I'm 100% sure this is doable with javascript, html, and PHP. Adobe flash player would be required for socket connections for real time movement. The game would be made by streaming sprites on demand into the browser and displayed via HTML. Most common sprites will be preloaded on page load, but the game might look bad on slow connections.


multiplayer demo please give feedback.
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