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I have been working on an HTML5 game recently to make a “pokemon” online game. I named it PetPals! Here is a very basic demo of sprites, movement, and MMO aspect

Not very nice looking right? This is only to demonstrate HTML5 graphics and MMO aspect. Open two windows to see your character move around! Please don’t hack and spam the client and server. I know it is easily hacked right now.
I want to make a pokemon-like multiplayer game that isn’t owned by Nintendo. This idea is called PetPals and it will be open source and free platform to write and create “pokemon” online worlds!

Game Play
This game will not have the same gameplay as Pokemon. Your controllable character (the master) will have a PetPel (pokemon) that will follow it around (much like pokemon yellow for Gameboy advance). Battles happen in the OVERWORLD at real time pace. You command your PetPal to attack another wild PetPal which will start an automated battle that you may influence by commanding your petpal to use 1 to 3 special moves. Battle happens in the OVERWORLD. No battle scene will initiate. Other people nearby can see the battle and join in against the wild PetPal much like other Online RPG games (world of Warcraft). Only one PetPal may follow you at a time, the rest are stabled.
Still don’t understand? Combat is like the hunter character in world of Warcraft if you played before except the trainer does not physically battle and rather stays to the side, only using pet commands and items.

All master characters are half human/half animal. Intractable NPCs will be mixed also with some that are full human. This will be the setup for the mid-game twist. I don’t have the main story yet though.

I will use sprite layering to allow players to wear and mix/match clothes! PetPals will not be able to wear clothes because of the labor of making too many sprites and attachments.

Open Source!
This game won’t be referring to pokemon to avoid royalties. This game will totally be free to use/edit the client and server code. I will maintain official servers free of charge to everyone and add more if people take interest in my project.

Cross Platform / All Devices Supported
Using HTML5, I will make the game available on PCs, tablets, and phones! Anything with an updated browser can play. I have multiple UI ideas for each device. You don’t have to download anything to play. No outdated flash player needed. Sockets, HTML canvas, and Audio tags must be supported by your browser to play.

What I need?
I can code and do pixel art for the overworld. I need a story, character design, and a user interface designer. I already have tiles for the OVERWORLD background and I’m using deviant art fan made open source “fakemon” for the sprites. My email is [email protected]
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