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I actually did a little research and discovered that the phrase "a smell of petroleum prevails throughout" is what a man answered was the secret of the universe. However, the original wording I discovered was "a strong smell of turpentine prevails throughout." This probably doesnt mean anything though.

Another thing. All the talk of the Deep Ones is strictly Lovecraftian. And what the Deep Ones want is to reclaim the world they left behind. The Dreaming is a means to this end. Im not sure how.

We also have the Bad Egg. Usually, when a Bad Egg hatched in game, the game would freeze and youd be forced to restart. I think thats whats going to happen here. The Bad Egg is going to hatch and force restart the universe.

My Command to further the narrative: Check on the Bad Egg and discuss the mystery of Lyra with Elm, who may know where she is, and Jasmine.