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Kilik Chambers - White Lugia Dorm

Dealing with these Pokemon was a drag, but it was worth the experience. Mistress was doing her best to knock back every Pokemon surrounding Mana. She's having too much fun, it seems. Kilik looks around the area with high caution, directing Mistress at any Pokemon in sight of Mana. "Calm Mind, quick!" Kilik hastily commands. Mistress scoffs but does as she is told, closing her eyes & concentrating. A small aura radiated from her, heightening her senses. A Shuppet launches a Shadow Ball at Mistress, who takes minimal damage.

Time to kick it up a notch. "Launch a ton of Shadow Balls! Protect Mana!" Clearly Mana loathed Ghost Pokemon. Kilik can see that easily. No, really. She was screaming to death of them. Moving on, Mistress stands in front of Mana & shoots wildly at the Pokemon with Shadow Balls. She needs training with her accuracy, but she still manages to hit the Pokemon.

"Focus, Mistress," Kilik sounded under his breath. At least he knows what to train Mistress on. This battle was also helping her out. One by one, each Pokemon was either knocked out or fled back. What kind of place is this? This question began rolling around Kilik's mind. He's never been here before. He hasn't even heard of it at all. He thought thinking about it was crazy & tried to focus on the battle. The main goal was to protect Mana & get her out of here.

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