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Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
I feel like people are somewhat exaggerating how complicated dual type moves would be. It would take some getting used to for sure but I doubt people would be scratching their heads over it.

The difficulty in understanding it could depend on one thing though:

1. If you have a Water/Electric move, are the types independent of each other? (i.e is it super effective against Fire, Rock, Ground and Flying?)
2. Or do the types combine into one pseudo type? (i.e is it super effective against Fire, Rock, Flying but has no effect on Ground?)

If it's the first one I figure it's a lot simpler to understand, you're just appending the effectiveness of two types together rather than the latter which is adding them together.
I disagree, and I feel like you're kind of simplifying something that shouldn't be simplified in the first place. Having dual-type moves would more or less significantly altar competitive play, as the types that were once known to be super-effective against others might not be super-effective anymore after gaining an additional type.

For example...Freeze Shock. An Ice move that had the potential to paralyze. What if it gained Electric has a second type, due to this? Now all of a sudden, you have a move that's completely walled by every single ground-type imaginable, and the move that was once considered super-effective now no longer has any effect whatsoever on the type that it's supposed to be super effective against.

And Scald. Would it have Water/Fire because of it's chance to burn? It's such a useful move in competitive play, but can Fire-types freely switch into scald without any fear of it causing super-effective damage? Would Heatran freely switch into Scald and get a free flash fire boost?

The point being from all of this is...if dual-type moves were to exist (and assuming that the aforementioned moves get an additional typing), it would make things unnecessarily complicated, and why? Why is there a necessity for dual-type moves, I don't see anything wrong with our moves being single-typed in any way, so why is it needed? Especially if future dual-type moves get introduced, what's going to happen then? It'll just be a mess of dual-type moves that aren't needed in the first place, nor do I think are they going to be needed anytime in the future. .___.;;

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