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Quote originally posted by MIAU:
Hey, speaking of Tympole, am I the only one who imagined Tympole really, really tiny? Like it would fit in your hand? Because apparently he's supposed to be 0.5 m (1'08"). That's taller than Pikachu, huh.
wow..i though it would be smaller than palm and it turns out to be taller than pikachu

Quote originally posted by MIAU:
Well, we even have an ability that's based on the Pokemon's cuteness: Cute Charm. And then there's Fake Tears and Attract. Remember Emolga from the anime? All adorable and winking and blowing kisses? Ash's Oshawott always fell for that. Now that's what I call being cute for fun and profit
^ this answers the question for was the first thing that came to my mind other than this i cant think else tbqh

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