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Final Part:

After training Lapras to level 51 I travelled around the islands. I thought Snorlax could defeat a Graveler, but he Explode Critted Snorlax

I didn't want to train another poke, so I let a spot in my team free
I got an egg (yummy)

For a short time Persian replaced Snorlax (fresh caught)

But then I caught a Heracross (YEAH)

And I caught:

After the ruby/sapphire mission I fought Mewtwo

My team after Mewtwo (I trained them after making this pic to level 60)

Rematch against the Elite Four:
Lorelei and Bruno weren't that hard
But Agatha was a pain, because I didn't had any super effective moves against Genger (Exeggcutor is weak to Sludge Bomb and Shadow Ball) I paralysed her Gengars with Jolteon's Thunder Wave, but again my Poke got defeated by a critical

Lance was also quite easy, I just Toxic spammed with Lapras and healed up every second turn.

Heracross bulked up against Gary's Heracross and then he defeated Heracross, Ttar and Exeggcutor. Alakazam got also stalled out by Lapras and Exeggcutor. Against Blastoise I tried my Chlorophyll/SunnyDay/SolarBeam combo, but Blastoise survived and killed Exeggcutor with a Hydro Pump.

No one in my team could stand against a fire attack, so I had to use Charizard against Arcanine. I stalled out the Extremmspeeds and a Iron Tail missed, but after my last Dragon Claw Arcanine still lived and killed Charizard with Overheat.

Half of my team died, but I managed it

All images:

Dead:Dead: Beedrill Lv4-10, Spearow Lv5-18, Diglett Lv21-24, Raticate Lv4-32, Pidgeotto Lv 16-35, Hitmonlee Lv25-41, Gyarados Lv5-50, Snorlax Lv30-51, Jolteon Lv25-61, Charizard Lv5-60, Exeggcutor Lv35-60

Team ranking:
6. Nidoking

He was in my team since nearly the beginning. Till the 5/6 he was nearly always my strongest pokemon. But after that he got weaker, even with EQ. I really liked him, he was like a bro and survived till the end.
5. Exeggcutor - DEAD

I really liked him, but it was a bit risky. Sunny Day also made Fire Attacks stronger and that was a big problem. Pity he died against Blastoise.
4. Lapras

After Gyarados died Lapras replaced him really good. Toxic was really helpful against the Elite 4, but his damage output wasn't that great. Still a very good pokemon.
3. Heracross

My newest team member. I really wanted to get one and I liked him so much. He swept the half of Garys team and that really surprised me. A really nice and strong partner.
2. Charizard - DEAD

My starter and bro since the beginning. He got weak between Bob and Silph Scope but after he became a Charizard he nearly OHKOed everyone who was weak against Fire. For the E4 rematch I learned him Overheat and it was very helpful. I nearly cried when he died against Arcanine
1. Jolteon - DEAD

He was my fastest team member and his Tbolt defeated quite a few pokes. Thunder Wave also was very useful against the E4. But he died against Gengar.
All in all I really enjoyed this Challenge and I have just started my SS Nuzlocke run.