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I think it depends on your diet, because of sugar leading to a spike in insulin, so the body WANTS to store that fat. But I've heard that cardio does "attack" the muscles before it gets to the muscles.

What I wanted to ask was.. for a toning diet.. what sorts of carbs are good? And which carbs are bad?

I eat healthily.. but I don't know if I eat according to a "toning" diet. For example.. it's not what I eat.. but when? What should I be eating 2 hours before working out? I know I should be having lean protein after the workout, though.

I was a bit naughty today and I had a Wensleydale cheese and carrot chutney (it is like jam) sandwich (with lettuce and brown seed bread.) Quite a bit of sugar and fat in that, I'm guessing.. :c
But I was glad yesterday when someone brought in Krispy Kreme donuts for people in the office and I didn't go for one >:3!

you're effectively starving, like sub-1500 calories,
doesn't that technically differ depending on what's your actual limit and your deficiency? If I had 1500 on non-workout days I would probably climb back up to 23 on the BMI scale. Still healthy but tipping quite close to overweight..
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