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->started 20/6/2013
Hello, people, I'm making a walkthrough of one of the original pokemon games out there->Pokemon Red.In this walkthrough, we will do the usual stuff(such as getting the badges, beating the e4, the champion) as well as going through most(if not all)glitches in the Glitch of the part section!
Okay, so without wasting any more time, let's get sec. I forgot about something!i'll be using 2 emulators for this walkthrough(GNUBoySymbian and VisualBoyAdvance).the main walthrough will be done on VBA and glitches will be done on GNUBoySymbian. Okay, with that out of the way, let's start the walkthrough!

Oh... well I suppose let's just move on...My name will be Ash until the very end(And rival will be Gary).Got into the tall grass, Oak rescued me, took me to the lab and gave me a...

Okay, so when I was fighting Gary, this happened

(Okay, let's calm down and end this part)

Part 1-statistics:

Pokemon: Squirtle(nick: Nathan)

-Save abuse glitch!
Okay, so in yellow, when you start the game(select the 'NEW GAME' option on the starting menu) select the names ASH for yourself and GARY for the rival, because it's going to alter the hex and make the glitch useable.Then, go downstairs.When you are downstairs, go to this spot:

Then, go to the menu and select save.After that, say yes and reset exactly at this frame:

NOTE:You will get a lot of 'Save data corrupted!' errors, so it will be a good idea to save state before the save glitch.
Anyways, if it came out correctly, this is what you should do: enter the POKeMON menu.Switch the second pokemon with the first pokemon and the fourth pokemon with the third pokemon.Then, go to the ITEM menu.After you did that, you keep on scrolling down.The pointer will get stuck in the middle.Keep on pressing the down button!After it got unstuck, you press A and deposit 64 of the item(TM26).Then you exit the house.After you exit the house, you'll enter the hall of fame.Note:when Oak will evaluate your Pokedex, he'll fail to do so, and will display the infamous Rocket error glitch, it's completely harmless and will do nothing at all.
Didn't get something?Then watch this video

In next part:
Beating the rival on Route 22
Viridian City
Viridian forest
Glitch of the part:either Lavender Town music glitch/Level 100 Pokemon before Brock glitch
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