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Ace Nakamura
Ace was watching the whole without trying to move or saying anything. He stood still as Kayla was arguing with her pokemon who was named Primrose. He watched as she sent the mouse back to her pokeball. Finally the girl who seemed to be Kayla's cousin showed a sign that she was still alive but she was hardly breathing. His eyes got wide of surprise when Kayla too her onto her back. It was obvious she wouldn't be able to keep it up until they reached Oak Town. When Kayla asked for her crutches, Ace took them and handed them to the girl. He finally took this opportunity to speak "You won't be able to walk like that". He summoned his Charizard. The pokemon growled. "I'll have my Charizard walk with her on his back, we'll follow him. Don't worry, your cousin will be alright", he added with a smile.

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