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Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - Abandoned Dorm

Shawn watched all this unfold silently. Kayla tried to walk with the immobile girl on her back, but he knew they wouldn't get very far. Ace, seizing the opportunity, got Kayla's crutches for her and summoned a Charizard, stating that they'd put the girl on his back and walk her to the pokemon center.

Shawn, finally seeing a chance to help, slowly and gently took the girl off of Kayla's back and placed her on the Charizard's back. He then stepped back, once again being completely useless. This was beginning to be a common situation with him. Nevertheless, he did his job. He turned to the others and stated calmly, "Lets hurry and get there before this gets any worse." He then turned and started in the direction of the pokemon center.

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