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No option for Machop? Yes, the first time I played PMD: Red Rescue Team, I was a Machop with a Mudkip partner. However, I did poorly after the battle with Rayquaza, so I restarted. About 10 reboots later, and some random test-taking, I finally got Pikachu. Just because, I chose Bulbasaur as my partner. This current playthrough is going amazingly (Got all legendary birds, the latis, and Kyogre. Groudon and Rayquaza still elude me, even with a Friend Bow.), as we have almost 200,000 Poke, and we're close to Lucario Rank (less than 5000 rescue points left!). Because I forgot how you evolve Pikachu in PMD, the two main members of my team are me, a Pikachu, and my friend, a Venusaur.

I also played Darkness and Sky, although nothing truly interesting happened in either. Beat both of them. The only cheating I have ever used are wondermail generators to get stuff like Friend Bows.
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